Larnaca taxi ‘turns away injured youth’

A young man who leapt to defend the honour of a friend’s mother at a Larnaca night club was left not only bleeding but also disappointed by a taxi driver’s refusal to take him to hospital until he washed away the blood.

The man’s mother, Maria, said her 20-year-old son Adriaan had gone out with a close friend and his friend’s mother after work on Saturday night. When another young man approached the mother in what he considered to be an inappropriate manner, Adriaan stepped in and asked him to show more respect.

Bouncers at the club intervened after a scuffle broke out and Adriaan left but later returned and explained to the other young man why he had been upset and that considered the woman to be like his mother. “He thought that was that,” Maria added.

However, as Adriaan and his friends were leaving a group of the other young’s man’s friends allegedly began to taunt him and blows were exchanged, culminating in Adriaan being hit over the head with a chair and covered in blood.

“As it was a Halloween celebration, he was only wearing a bow-tie and trousers, no shirt and head injuries do bleed,” Maria said, adding that her son had to have seven stitches once he got to the hospital.

Hoping to draw a line under the incident and move on, the family have decided not to go to the police.

What did not sit well with Maria was that a taxi driver had initially refused to take Adriaan to hospital until he had washed off the blood. The young man did so in the sea. She also said that, speaking to the company the next day, she was brushed off with a “And who would pay for the car to get washed” and told her son “Should have considered needing a ride before getting up to whatever he got up to”.

A representative of the specific company on Monday told the Cyprus Weekly that the driver would have been within his rights to refuse to transport Adriaan even after the young man cleaned up, adding: “If it had been a serious injury, perhaps they should have called an ambulance?”

Although taxi companies are legally entitled to refuse to transport a customer, taxi drivers have often been known to help get an injured person to hospital.

Also speaking to the Cyprus Weekly, Panayiotis Kylillis, head of the Nicosia taxi drivers association, said he was not aware of the specific case and that “there is bleeding and there is bleeding” but that taxi drivers were usually more than willing to help an injured person.

Apologising for his colleague’s behaviour, Kyrillis added said that as in every profession, there were good and bad professionals, adding: “If we did not care about people why would we have recently agreed to transport drunk people for free as part of road safety group Reaction’s campaign to keep drunk drivers off the road?”

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Clearly there is another side to this story and there is more to tell. However the reaction of the Taxi Driver while within his rights is kind of typical and in line with the type of service many of us are accustomed to.

Larnaca sheep hit by fever, but not dangerous for humans - OR IS IT?

Cases of catarrhal fever have appeared among sheep in the Larnaca district, the veterinary services said on this week, reassuring the public that it did not affect humans.

The deputy head of the department, Christodoulos Pipis, said the incidents emerged in Larnaca, mainly in areas neighbouring the buffer zone.

Authorities said they recorded 73 cases so far, 31 fatal. They were located at Pyrga, Kofinou, Pyla, Alethriko, Troulloi and Menoyia.

“It is not as serious as foot and mouth disease would have been,” Pipis said. He added that the strain of the disease already existed in Cyprus but no symptoms had been exhibited until now.

Pipis did not rule out the possibility of the disease spreading to other districts.

“We are handing out prescriptions so that farmers can obtain the necessary pharmaceuticals to prevent further complications.”

Source: Cyprus Mail 

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Can't Baaalieve it!

Work resumes on Larnaca hospital new wing

The new wing of the Larnaca general hospital will be completed by the end of next year, some 9 months after the initial deadline, as works were interrupted following disputes between the contactor and the government, Works and Transport Minister Marios Demetriades last week.

Demetriades briefed the House transport committee on the progress of the project and the delays that occurred as works were interrupted in July due to the contractual disputes.

Work will soon be back on track following an agreement between the contractor, the Variations and Claims Commission (Κeaa) and the department of public works, Demetriades told MPs.

The €27m project was expected to be completed by March next year, but the new completion date has been pushed back to end of 2017, he said, which will upgrade medical services in Larnaca. Construction work began in the second half of 2013.

The head of the committee, Diko’s Giorgos Prokopiou, said that construction work on the new wing is to resume on Monday.

“We gave a final warning to everyone that this is the last time an extension is granted,” he said. He added that the delay did not cause any financial burdens, and that the budget remains as is.

Prokopiou said that the committee also discussed the lack of parking space at the Larnaca hospital, as the current car park is being utilised for the extension of the hospital.

“There is a major problem as regards parking at the hospital,” he said.

At present, hospital visitors use the parking space of the nearby Ayios Georgios church. Another temporary solution, Prokopiou said, would be the transfer of patients and visitors who could park at the GSZ stadium car park with mini buses. This proposal awaits the opinion of the transport ministry, he said.

Disy MP Zacharias Zachariou said that the public works department has made a preliminary study on building a new multi storey car park, but that no decision was taken yet for its construction. The new car park is expected to cost around €18m.

Source: Cyprus Mail 

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