Island-wide raids take place in the ever growing Police state of Cyprus

A clear observable trend is now taking place in Cyprus, whereby the Police are conducting Island-wide raids in a seemingly desperate attempt to catch some form of criminal (according to local laws at least) and make some money or noise before Christmas.

The so called island-wide raids took place in the first week of December 2014 and all they achieved was: 
  • 10 computers in Paphos modified for Gambling
  • 9 individuals charged for gambling
  • 2 arrested in connection with a case of prostitution
  • 38 tickets issued in connection with various cases of indoor smoking and disturbing the peace.
  • 64 playing cards and 229 playing chips were seized as evidence
Wow is that it? 

There seems to be a double standard here. One the one side the Government is planning to open Casino's on the Island, thus creating the desire for the behavior, but on the other hand they sanction costly resources to catch petty criminals that partake in the behavior they encouraged (directly or indirectly). No doubt the elevated fines involved will cover the costs and more besides (part of the plan), but what is the purpose of the exercise for the people involved, who are made criminals for their habits by design?

People trafficking, under age prostitution, preventing Burglary (currently poor) or theft of private property and other real crimes that affect people in their homes and keep the public truly safe are more noble causes than the above weak attempt to gain some publicity and money about .

We would like to suggest that the Police investigate and raid the Political class of Cyprus to discover a greater scoop of financial and corruption crimes, which negatively impact on the country. For example they could start by investigating what happened to the hundreds of millions that were transferred outside the country prior to the haircut and money controls.

The reality however in Cyprus and most countries for that matter, is that the Police take their orders and serve the Political class and not the public's best interests!

Can't find a job in Larnaca or Cyprus? Then try the UK, as London offers Cyprus great opportunities

Finding a job in Larnaca in the current economic climate is something of a challenge, and the Government's failure to manage the economy, invest in private sector employment and to support small businesses is certainly not helping.

Subsequently, in hard times, you may want to consider a trip to the UK, as the employment situation there is a great deal better (one of the best in Europe) and there are no language issues for most Cypriots. Moreover, as the UK is in the European Community, there are no VISA or employment restrictions either.

Naturally, we recommend that you at least secure a number of interviews before you attempt to buy a flight and take the plunge to the UK.

To help About Larnaca has teamed up with Indeed Jobs as they offer job-seekers access to literally thousands of fresh UK Job Vacancies. Recruiters and Employers are given the opportunity to advertise their vacancies to a growing audience of Job seekers that desire to work in the UK.

The Indeed Jobs UK team suggest that the best opportunities in the UK are in London, so he below are the top current jobs being recruited in the UK's great capital.

UK Jobs

East Med corridor promoted in European energy meeting

Energy minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis and his Greek counterpart Yiannis Maniatis on Tuesday met the Vice President of the European Commission for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič and discussed the exploitation of the natural gas resources of the eastern Mediterranean.

Israel’s energy minister Silvan Shalom was also expected to participate in the meeting, following the three ministers’ joint signing of a letter to Šefčovič but was unable to attend due to urgent election commitments.

Lakkotrypis and Maniatis underlined the need of the implementation of the Israel-Cyprus-Greece-Italy natural gas corridor (East-Med Corridor) for the energy safety of the EU.

Lakkotrypis called on the EC Vice President to support the countries of the region in their effort to evaluate the various politically feasible choices on the economic exploitation of the natural gas reserves, for the benefit of the European Union.

“The East-Med Corridor constitutes such a choice, while offering the additional advantage of passing exclusively through EU member states, thereby fully serving the interests and the aspirations of the EU,” Maniatis noted.

The East-Med corridor, which is expected to have the same capacity as the Southern Corridor (8-12 bcm), could constitute an extra alternative source and path for European countries, at a time when the prospect of such paths was raised to strategic priority by the EU.

Maniatis argued that studies to be prepared will confirm the technical feasibility and economic viability of the pipeline, which have already been suggested by initial studies.

Šefčovič showed great interest on the presented data and committed to examine ways to support the plan on behalf of the European Commission.

Larnaka Medieval Castle

Standing proudly at the end of Athens Avenue you simply cannot miss the Larnaka Castle. Founded during the Byzantine era as the first fortification in the 12th century, the first written testimony actually comes from the 14th century. Then, Chronographer Florius Boustronius dates it to the years of Luzignian King James I (1382-1398AD), who built it to protect the harbour of the town.

During the same time, the Genovese occupied Famagusta and the Luzignians had to develop another major port for the needs of their kingdom. 18th century sources insist that the castle was built by the Turks in 1625AD, even though a Turkish garrison was stationed there since 1570AD. More recently, the English used it as a place for the execution of convicts and as a prison, up until 1948.

Leoforos Athinon, Larnaka
Tel: +357 24 304 576

Opening Hours
  • Summer (16th Apr - 15th Sep): Mon-Fri 8:00-19:30, Sat-Sun 9:30-17:00
  • Winter (16th Sep - 15th Apr) : Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 9:30-17:00
  • Entrance Fee: 2,50 Euros

To Kafe Tis Chrysanthis (Chrysanthi’s Café)

If you live in Larnaca, you have almost certainly walked past this small café and may not have even noticed its existence. Situated just on the corner of the big outdoor car park near Laiki Yitonia, To Kafe Tis Chrysanthis (Chrysanthi’s Café) is a quaint little establishment whose popularity has soared in recent times.

Fewer and fewer places in town lay importance on a homely touch and good customer service but for this family-run café, it comes naturally. There is a wonderful atmosphere at the café, created by both the staff and the customers, helped by the very comfortable surroundings.

The indoor seating area has a very retro vibe – a number of simple wooden chairs and tables are scattered around the small space, some nice art around the interior walls and an old Vespa in the window just for good measure. The outdoor part is the narrow alley which is connected to the car park. The area is ideal for when the weather is nice and there is space to accommodate around 30 to 40 customers.

As well as in the service, there is a homely element to the menu too – a number of homemade sweets are prepared on a daily basis which are consistently brilliant. The most popular of all tends to be the lemon cheesecake but you will need to get there early to grab a slice as it usually goes in a flash.

As for coffees, there is typically no shortage of choice – almost every type you can think of is served and the same goes for teas, hot chocolates and other warm beverages served in classical tea cups. Another one of the house’s original drinks is the homemade lemonade made with fresh mint and fresh lemon which is the perfect option on a warm day. There are also a handful of cocktails on offer too, though they are not their speciality.

In terms of food, there is not a vast choice but whatever they make, they make well; like jacket potatoes, moussaka, a great range of salads among other homemade dishes.

In tough times, price is a factor and Chrysanthi’s café has taken the economic climate into account as the prices are roughly 20 per cent less than most similar establishments in town.

To Kafe tis Chrysanthis
Where: Ifaistou 1, Larnaca
Contact: 24 256262
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