Why Everyone Should be Visiting Cyprus this Winter

After trips to both Greece and Turkey, I knew that Cyprus was high on the list of places to visit. It’s a place where not many Americans travel to, and I had heard little to no first-hand information on the country. 

So, if you’re in somewhere in the world getting cold this winter, here is why you should seriously consider visiting Cyprus.

High Chance of Sunshine

Heading over to Holiday Weather, I noticed that Cyprus had an 80% chance of a sunny day in October and a 61% chance in November. That was a higher chance than almost anywhere else I had found in Europe. Actually, the weather is consistently sunny all year, and rain days are extremely rare. You know what they say Suns out buns out.

Cape Greko

The Beautiful Beaches

Cyprus has all kinds of beaches to please every kind of traveler. Crowded beaches, white sand beaches, quaint beaches, and party beaches. From Nissi Beach to Coral Bay, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you may even be a little overwhelmed by all your options. Don’t worry, they’re all beautiful!

Aphrodites Rock, CyprusThe Adventure

Itching for an adrenaline rush? Cape Greko near Ayia Napa features over 10 meter high cliffs that are great for jumping and diving (if you’re brave) off of. Jumping off of these will give you a serious rush. If you’re not much for heights there are many great hikes and wildlife throughout the region.
Cape Greko

The Food

Your heart will surely thank you once you incorporate a Mediterranean diet. Who doesn’t love local olive oil, flavorful hummus, and fresh pita bread? It’s hard to narrow down a must-eat in Cyprus because the local cuisine is all great and fresh. There are certain Cypriot specialty dishes not to miss, make sure to try halloumi cheese and lamb kleftiko!

The Coffee

Traditional Cyprus coffee is no joke and is something that should certainly be had while on the island. Coffee is brewed in small, long-handled pots, and is served in tea-cup sized glasses. The coffee is quite strong but you can choose to have it either medium or sweet and it is always served with a glass of water. If something lighter is more your fare, opt for a frappe, a delicious concoction of Nescafe, milk, sugar, and water blended together. Cypriots do take their coffee very seriously, with the coffee shops usually being more packed than the bars.
Cyprus Coffee

The Friendly Locals

Yasas! There is no shortage of smiling Cypriots on the island. Locals are friendly, welcoming, and very hospitable. Greek is the most commonly spoken language on the island, so brushing up on a few words will get you far. If not, then don’t fear, most Cypriots will be happy to converse with you in English.
Cypriot Locals

The History

If you’re a history buff, then visiting Cyprus should certainly be on your radar! Cyprus has had a long and complicated past, ruled by many different empires for over 3000 years. There are many archaeological sites like the Tomb of the Kings, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, and Amathus to explore.
King of the Tombs

The Culture

The two main nationalities that make up Cyprus are Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot. The two main languages spoken are Greek and Turkish, although the majority of Cypriots speak impeccable English. You could travel to both Greece and Turkey, or you can just explore Cyprus and experience both cultures!
Troodos Mountains

The Waterparks!

If you’re getting a little restless laying on the beach drinking daiquiris then head over to one of Cyprus’s many waterparks! Families, friends, and children alike can enjoy the thrills and spills at the waterpark. Go in the off season to enjoy instant access to the rides as there are virtually no lines.
WaterWorld Waterpark

It’s outside the Schengen Zone (for now)

This is a bonus for backpackers touring Europe for an extended period of time. If you need a refresher on the Schengen Visa then read my post on it here. Cyprus is outside of the zone, so it will not count against the 90 days you are given while traveling most of Europe.

Ayia NapaBonus… The Cats

There are cats everywhere in Cyprus! They roam the streets during all hours and will never turn away some human love (or food). I normally hate seeing stray animals, but the weather is so mild and people so friendly there is no doubt in my mind that most of the island cats are treated like royalty.

Cyprus Cats
Cyprus Cats
Cyprus Cats

The Swallows - Poem

We would like to share a poem from our Facebook Group originating from Deryneia: History & Culture. below is a translation to the picture above.

The Swallows!

The swallows are leaving again this year.
So are leaving us our years.
The swallows will leave but to return
Their old nest to find again.

Let’s turn to a Love nest our soul
To give love and love to take
Open our hearts to those around us
With joy and happiness to fill them.

A large Whale was recently spotted off the Larnaca coast

A large whale was sighted off the Larnaca coast recently, which by all accounts seemed not to be in distress, however  there is every possibly it was lost.

Video footage of this sizable whale appeared on state broadcaster CyBC and was recorded by Yiorgos Evripidou who was on a boat in the area at the time.

According to news reports, it was Evripidou who made the video and shared it with the public, so that he could generate awareness on the whale and motivate the authorities to facilitate the mammal to reach cooler waters.

As a matter of fact, any whale sighting in extremely rare in Cyprus, let alone Larnaca, as the waters of the Mediterranean nearby the coast of Cyprus is considered far too warm and not suitable for their natural habitat, which makes the sighting all the more interesting.

Larnaca Lifestyle

Cyprus is an island of unlimited treasure, not only for its people, but also for the tourists who visit and enjoy its everyday life. The uniqueness of Cyprus lies in its multifaceted character, which is shaped since the day history marked its beginning. Nowadays, the island is a member of the European Union, but still never fails to unfold the authentic Cypriot qualities that are impressive.

Larnaka is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus. It combines the mysticism of the old era and the freshness of modern life. Of course, life may not be as hectic as in bigger cities, but it is still a busy place that keeps you alive all the time. Built near the seaside and enriched by beautiful beaches, one might think that Larnaka is only a summer resort, but it is not just that.

Larnaka is also a business centre and a town with many archaeological sites. It has 8 museums within walking distance from its centre and its art galleries and workshops are famous island wide. The cultural life in Larnaka is an interesting experience, and many events are organized by the town’s Municipality almost on a daily basis. People in Larnaka know how to enjoy life and you can see that from the variety of restaurants, clubs, taverns, cafeterias and bars. Cyprus and international food is thespecialty of the town.
The nightlife atmosphere is quite balanced, but still extremely exciting and offers all the romantic and nostalgic moments that you may desire, in absolute security. You may walk in the streets any time, day or night and feel totally confident. People are friendly and very hospitable, andenjoy a peaceful way of life. They will gladly give you information about anything you need to know so do not hesitate to stop and chat with them. They will make you feel at home.

For the ones that seek a refuge for their health, Larnaka has a mild climate in the winter, and since it is a seaside resort the summers are cooler compared to other places around the island. Larnaka has a port, a marina and the main international airport in Cyprus. All airlines have offices and many travel agencies will be happy to offer their services. You can use taxi services at very good prices for your transportation, or if you wish you may rent a car. Whether you wish to arrange for a car from the airport or from any other office in town, car rentals are readily available and quite cheap.The town has also an adequate bus service. If you stay in Larnaka, rest assured that your well-awaited holidays will be worth having.

This town will not make you feel only as a tourist, but also as a precious part of its daily life. It is up to you. Seek both the known and the unknown. You’ll be surprised to see that every time you visit something in Larnaka, you will feel it is a discovery. Eight important museums, await you, unlimited entertainment, unique architecture, beautiful beaches, depth in history, nice protected environment, important monuments and churches existing side by side with mosques.
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