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Larnaca flooding and energy relocation ‘as planned’

Projects concerning the prevention of flooding in the Aradippou area and the relocation of oil and gas installations are moving forward, a government official said on Thursday.

“There was an evaluation of the development of projects planned in these two municipal areas,” acting Interior Minister Ionas Nicolaou said after two successive meetings with the Aradippou and Larnaca municipal councils. “We progressed to plan further steps for their implementation.”

As regards Aradippou, the available data on flooding were studied at the meeting and a project was developed as a result. It was decided that the Larnaca district administration will prepare a hydrological study and an independent researcher will be tasked with studying the problems related to flooding in the Aradippou and Larnaca areas.

“It has also been proposed to build a dam in the Archangelos area of Aradippou which will significantly contribute to preventing flooding in the Rizoelia region and elsewhere in Aradippou. Further, it was decided to schedule specific small projects that can be done now in order to further alleviate the problem,” Nicolaou said.

At the meeting with members of the Larnaca council, timeframes for the relocation of the Larnaca gas and oil installations were set. From January 1, 2017 urban areas will be planned in the region as part of the environmental assessment, something which will aid the commercial development of the area.

According to Nicolaou, other projects proposed by the municipality were discussed and specific timeframes for their implementation were agreed upon.

Thursday’s meetings were essential for the coordination of government agencies and municipalities in order to promote and implement specific projects on the basis of timetables, the minister concluded.

About Larnaca Comment
Flooding has been a  major issue in the centre of Larnaca and of course Aradippou, hence the fact that this topic is being addressed is welcome news. However, one doubts as always in Larnaca how long the process will take?

Fill up on love in Larnaca

With the slogan Let’s Fill up Cyprus with Love, local oil company Petrolina is organising a festival at Europa Square tomorrow in Larnaca to support the breast cancer awareness organisation Europa Donna Cyprus.

The festival, from 3pm to 10pm, will offer a musical programme with a live link and live music by the Larnaca Municipality children’s choir and local singers Constantinos Christoforou and Despina Olympiou. There will also be dancing and much, much more.

The square will be lined with kiosks with various games for the whole family to enjoy, free of charge. According to the organiser, there will be a few surprises so you have to be there to see what else the festival has in store.

Petrolina financially supports the work of Europa Donna Cyprus against breast cancer to the tune of €10,000. Additionally, all proceeds from the sale of food and drinks will go towards the cause.

Petrolina Charity Festival
Fun activities to support Europa Donna Cyprus. September 18. Europe Square, Finikoudes, Larnaca. 3pm-10pm. Tel: 24-848000

About Larnaca Comment
It's a pleasure to see a little love spread through the heart of Larnaca and clearly a little image positioning by Petrolina! 

Upbeat Larnaca development meeting played down


Glowing government plans to give Larnaca a facelift may not be as plain sailing as initially thought with a number of disputes between the government and the Larnaca Municipality still largely unresolved.

According to reports in Phileleftheros, Communications Minister Marios Demetriades’ previous optimistic statements – following Monday’s meeting between the Larnaca Municipality and President Nicos Anastasiades – run counter to other sources from the meeting.

They claim that a number of grey areas between the two sides with regards to the development of the coastal town remain and that several disputes remain unresolved.

Larnaca Deputy Mayor, Petros Christodoulou, maintains that the following issues have as yet not been resolved:
  • The implementation of a cap on the annual commercial activity in which the strategic investor of the marina can exercise something which the council is against.
  • The presence of fuel companies in the port, which despite their contracts ending in August, remained in the area following the government’s unilateral move to renew their licenses, another issue which the council is against.
  • The removal of the fuel installations which need to be removed by February 1, 2017, but looks unlikely.
Christodoulou has warned that his municipality will not renew the licensing for the fuel installations after the said date.

He did, however, credit President Anastasiades for his role in the meeting with regards to the projects currently underway in Larnaca, giving specific instructions to various departments and services to speed up the process and to assist the council in the necessary procedures.

About Larnaca Comment
Once again we see some back-tracking and the once seemingly good news fraught will complications and potential bad news on the horizon. As we stated in the last related article, the residents of Larnaca will believe it when they see it!
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