Wargaming Buys Rotos "President" Building for €20 Million

Wargaming, an online game expert and among the 3 major shareholders of Hellenic Bank in Cyprus agreed to buy "President" building of Rotos Developers for €20 millions. The "President" building located in the Demosthenis Severi Avenue, Nicosia is of 75 meters height and will be covered by a large disk photo-voltaic panels.

Supertall building is unique in design and technology. The high quality metal used for the construction of its skeleton, its energy efficient structure, automation machines for energy reduction and its photo-voltaic system make "President" the first energy efficient building of A class in Cyprus.

Rotos Developers, is proud for having such an innovative and unique building in its records and thanks all colleagues who contributed to the creation and implementation of the project, the company says in a statement.

The building is expected to be ready by May 2014!
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