Natural Gas: 7,500 to be employed by 2016

It was expected from the start that the discovery of natural gas in Cyprus would help in the decrease of unemployment by opening numerous positions in the next few years. Oil and gas services will gradually become the most profitable sector in Cyprus, leaving tourism and financial services in the second place.

Noble Energy and Total have already arranged places where they can house their local stuff and will soon be able to call Cyprus "home." Many other companies will be looking to establish their presence in Cyprus by opening shops to serve their clients in the Mediterranean region.

The development of the land-based liquefaction plant will employ many thousands of workers by 2016, while Vasiliko LNG plant will keep hiring until 2027. About 7,500 people will be hired by 2016, with 30% of them being Cypriots. However, it should be noted that only 400 university graduates will be employed. After the plant starts operating, many more people will be employed.
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