Casino's will now be a reality in Cyprus! Will the first one be in Larnaca?

The Cabinet recently unveiled plans to grant one single license for a Casino in Cyprus.

After the Cabinet meeting, Government spokesman Christos Stylianides, stated that the entire process will be fast-tracked in order for the development to be completed within 12 months. Naturally this is most likely due to the prevailing Economic crisis on the Island.

The single license will be granted specifically for a Resort Casino with specifications of the same standards, such as the big Casino's in Las Vegas, Macau and around the world.

Casino's may provide a quick and needed boost to the economy of Cyprus, particularly for visitors from Russia, Israel and the Middle East.

There are many opponents to the concept of Casino's however such as the Church on moral grounds, which is why the previous Government Flip Flopped on the topic. Many people are concerned

The big question is where? Many in Larnaca hope that the Casino will be part of the new Cruise and Marina project. Moreover, Larnaca would  be the ideal choice between Limassol and Nicosia in addition to then fact its next to the Airport.

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