Successful London Cypriot wants to help Cyprus

His name is Stephen Alambritis and he was born in Aradippou. He left Cyprus in 1964 to move to the UK. He is the leader of London's Merton council which was named as the best achieving council at the MJ Achievement Awards 2013. The London Borough of Merton has a population of 200,000 living in 80,000 households and served by 7,500 businesses, which could be considered as a good sample regarding Cyprus'  size.

Mr Alambritis has express his desire to help Cyprus in these rough times, sharing his experiences with municipality leaders in order to cut costs and work more effectively. "I want to come to Cyprus and share some of the things we have done in the UK to save money for the tax payer by becoming more cost effective," he said. 

Mr Alambritis has expressed his concern about the amount of municipalities in Cyprus, stating on the fact that Cyprus has 32 municipalities that serve 800,000 people while London has the same amount of municipalities, however they serve eight million people. Since London can operate effectively with this amount of municipalites, there might be progress opportunities in this area for Cyprus. He also added that "instead of having a legal service for each municipality, the Larnaca and Aradippou municipalities, for example, can share the same one, therefore lowing costs." Mr Alambritis is planning a trip to Cyprus in order to meet with interested municipality leaders to discuss his ideas on the subject.
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