E.U, a Union of People? Very Doubtful!

This is one of those times where you sadly realize that no matter what you think or feel about this, being the toughest financial situation our country has even been into, no one is going to listen up or pay attention to you.
We, still, ought to express our bitterness and our worriment about our future.

What we see is a generic political incapability to adapt useful and effective strategies in every country having financial trouble within the European Union. What history teaches us is that increasing taxes is a measure that has been proven very unsuccessful anytime a state decided to apply it. A brilliant example consists in the measures taken back in 1929. History has proven that states should, among others, invest much more money,devalue their national currency and interest rates if their goal is financial  recovery. What happens, though, when none of these is possible, given that within a monetary union very little can be done?

Is this the beginning of the end for European Union?
Five years after the political decision of allowing the bankruptcy of the international bank "Lehman Brothers" based in the USA, Europe is still in the center of a financial trouble circle and doesn't seem to have found the right way to come out of it.

Even if i didn't live in the Cold World era, i can state with safety that it feels like a second Cold World.
I never believed or trusted in European Union as many peoples' opinion is that its true goals are hidden behind it. However, as long as it protected and promoted our human and civil rights, no one ever bothered to question or talk about its true nature.

Now it became more obvious that  it's not a union of Europe's peoples; it is simply a union of Europe's political and economic elite. Who do you think they are going to pick to save? Us or themselves?

There is one thing all European leaders should be afraid of; our awakening.

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