Statistics show that Education is a high priority in Cyprus

In the recently released annual report called "Statistics of Education"conducted by Statistical Service, Public spending in Education overall (including public and private) in Cyprus 2010 was around the €1.390 million mark (considering all levels) , which demonstrates that education remains to be a high priority in Cyprus.

The statistics also stated that the present public cost per student within public schools is as follows:
  • €5,565 at pre-school and pre-primary level
  • €6,015 at primary level
  • €9,519 at secondary
  • €14,441 at tertiary level
Within the Tertiary level of education the main areas of study were as follows:
  1. Business and administration (12,7%)
  2. Health (11,8%)
  3. Engineering and engineering trades (8,8%)
  4. Social and behavioral sciences (8,6%)
  5. Architecture and building (7,7%)
  6. Arts (7,3%)
  7. aw (7,1%)
  8. Humanities (7,0%)
  9. Teacher training and education science (6,2%)
A whopping 97.5% of students studied at schools within the EU. Moreover, Cypriot students abroad amounted to 19,199. Of these students...
  • A mere 140 (0.8%) studied at non-university level
  • 16,575 (86.3%) studied at tertiary university undergraduate level
  • 1,961 (10.2%) tertiary postgraduate (Master’s) level
  • 523 (2.7%) doctoral (Ph.D) level
here are some more interesting fact at all levels of education:
  • 1.268 educational institutions
  • 178.853 students
  • 16.545 teachers (this gives a student to teacher ratio of 10.8.
Considering the total number of students, 69.5% enrolled in public schools and 30.5% enrolled into private run schools. Enrollments of students by level of education were as follows: pre-school and pre-primary 25.582, primary 54.083, secondary 63.764, tertiary 32.118 and special education 306.
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