Larnaca Petrol Station Owner violently mugged

A shocking incident occurred over the past weekend in Larnaca, whereby a Petrol Station owner aged 62 was forcefully hit on the head with an iron bar of all things, then duly robbed of his cash by 2 men, which amounted to his weekend takings.

The incident which sounds like something that would  happen in the more dangerous areas of the United States took place as the poor Petrol Station Owner picked up his weekend takings amounting up to €100,000 and was leaving his car outside his house in the village of Mazotos. He later received Hospital treatment and has since been released.

Neighbours in Mazotos apprehended Romanian man, and another is on the run. The nature of the mugging tends to suggest that the perpetrators of the crime knew the owner of the Petrol Station and that it was per-meditated, however  this is just an assumption.

This incident serves as a reminder that violent crime is on the increase in Larnaca and in the light of the current economic crisis, we should all take extra precautions when handling large sums of cash.
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