Give-a-Gift in the New Year to the needy of Larnaca

In the grand spirit of philanthropy and recycling, the Larnaca Parents Network (LPN) will be hosting in 2012 and 2013 a dedicated collection and distribution centers for secondhand goods, to directly support underprivileged local families.

The current economic crisis has caused a revival and reutilization of goods, which is not only beneficial to the environment, but it also presents an ideal opportunity to assist the less fortunate members of the local community.

LPN is coordinating efforts with the Larnaka 
Municipality Welfare Department and local churches.

Designated pick-up points have been established as follows:-
  • Progress Cyprus Head Office Konstantinou Christofidi No. 1 Sreet, Sophora Court 1, Larnaca 6021, Cyprus Tel: 70000667
  • Gaia Wellness Center 1 Andreas Souroukli St, CY6021 Larnaca, Cyprus. Tel: 99888062
  • Body Soul Space Dhekalia road
What you no longer require, may be desperately needed by somebody less fortunate. All donations of any unwanted goods such as shoes, toys, clothes and blankets will be appfeciated. Many families will not be able to afford heating this winter, and respectfully request that these items are reasonably cleaned and laundered before handing them in.

LPN are also introducing a ‘Give-a-Gift’ concept, appealing for affordable gift offerings that will be given to the those in need as a gesture of compassion and goodwill on special occasions such as Christmas and Birthdays.

For more information go to LPN
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